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About Us

All fans of comic TV series will know Futurama for sure. For me and many of my friends, she is one of the best shows on television in the past 30 years, alongside the Simpsons, and there are many Futurama fan clubs around the world. On this website I would like to create a forum for all who would like to share the success story and regularly I will publish self-written articles and guest contributions.

For those who don’t know Futurama:

I will start with a small introduction. The television series was created by The Simpsons inventor Matt Groening and his partner David Cohen in the late 90s. The first episode was aired in the US in March 1999 and by 2013 a total of 140 episodes were produced in seven seasons. Between 2003 and 2007, the series was discontinued, but the increasing success of the broadcast of repetitions caused the production company to produce more episodes from 2007 onwards.

The Story Line of Futurama

The storyline of Futurama takes us back to the 31st century and shows us the experiences of the pizza boy Philip J. Fry, who inadvertently went into a deep sleep in 1999 and only wakes up 1000 years later. The clash of crass cultural contrasts, the well-constructed figures and the absolutely bizarre surround-ing have made the series an absolute highlight of television history. The former pizza delivery man joins the team of the interstellar delivery company Planet Express, and together with his friends, Philip must pass many adventures and the normal everyday life of the future.

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